When you become a Hejco customer you will notice the difference. Beacuse at Hejco you as a customer are in the center. We do not only want to sell you workwear. We want you to be a part of the Hejco community - one of our friends. Beacuse it is for you that Hejco exists. Our mission at Hejco is to care about those caring for others. We know the kind of work that is being done out there everyday and that workwear is so much more than just clothes you wear when at work. That workwear can be an extension of your work identity, a way of building brand, a must or a practical solution. No matter what reasons you are looking for workwear, we will start with your needs and take it from there. We are fast, flexible and easy to work with. And we keep what we promise.



How to design workwear with the right style and functions to make your job a little bit easier - that we know. With over 60 years of experience we know what we are doing and with the broadest range of light workwear in the palette of the rainbow we are pretty sure that you will find what you are looking for. We are continously looking for new and innovative materials, exiting functions and trends. Beacuse we think everyone deserves to look nice at work. We will be proud to have you as a customer and we hope that you will feel proud wearing Hejco workwear. 



Our customers are coming back to us year after year. Beacuse they know that our proucts keep what we promise and a little bit more. They know that the seems are holding together, that the material is strong and carefully selected and that everything is controlled before delivery. They know that they are safe with our knowledge and expertise and that they notice the difference in a customer centred organisation. Our customers feels that we are dedicated and do whatever it takes to support them.



It is easy being a Hejco customer. With modern solutions for online orders 24/7 or via our customer service you get fast answers and deliveries. With in-house solutions for print and embrodery we have a fast, simple and effective way to create a unique style and individual touch to your workwear. To also take care about the people and the society around us is as important. It goes from choosing high quality materials to make long lasting products - good for both budget and the environment. Hejco takes responsibility in sustainability and social questions where all suppliers have to follow the international code of cunduct, human rights and enviromental regulations.

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